‘Up on the Downs at Bromyard Weekend’ – Bromyard Friday

Camp Ingram

Or a Bad Mood Jack, Joie de Skull and the Sound of the Quarries…

Darrell picks me up from work accompanied by a Jack Russell with a severe attitude problem. “She did not want to come”, he says.

This is self evident as she doesn’t greet me at all. Instead we are treated to deep sighs and reproachful looks before she slumps back in her bed and closes her eyes in pained resignation.

We must have the only Jack Russell in the world who doesn’t automatically love going on trips.

We pitch at the Bromyard Caravan Club Site that lies opposite the Brockhampton Estate. This will be our third quarry location.

Millie cheers up as we meander through woods awash with bluebells. Even though the light is failing the colour seems to float just above the ground. Jack Russell Joie de Vivre is fully restored with a sly chew on a sheep skull found in a bed of leaves.

We emerge into open fields dotted with sheep. In the distance the horizon is filled with the humped forms of the Malverns. An early bed serenaded by that avian staple of quarries, the Tawny Owl.

It rains in the night, a forerunner of Storm Hannah.

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