‘Tha Last Welsh Wolves Weekend’ – Aberdw Hill Friday

At the Pool

Or a Hot Afternoon, Lark Spotting and a Sky White with Stars…

It is a beautiful day as we head to Wales, it’s real Welsh weather with blue skies and just a few high, wispy clouds. Millie is not to be convinced of the wisdom of the trip though and we are treated to the usual sighs and aggrieved looks…

Winding Welsh roads and Millie really do not mix but we just about manage to get to the site at Fforest Fields without use of the grey bowl.

We pitch under some trees and eat lunch in their rather inadequate shade – it is very hot so I have a sleep in the van while Darrell sits in the shade contemplating the bizarre reality of Trump World and Millie chews a ham bone.

It is still very hot as evening comes on but we take a walk up the hill. Sheep watch us from the bracken and their constant bleats are loud in the still air. Larks rise up around us and we try and follow their progress as they vanish in to the deep blue of the sky. On the horizon the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains are distant but perfectly clear, their slopes and ridges picked out by the glow of the sinking sun.

As we sit out the light fails, the sky darkens and a crescent moon appears. Behind us Millie quietly takes herself off to bed. I go out with Millie at one in the morning and look up a night sky turned almost white by the vast numbers of stars to be seen. The Milky Way spumes above me and I can hardly pick out the individual constellations the background is so rich with stars . There is not a breath of wind and the silence is broken only by the sound of some night hunting bird calling as it passes…

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