‘Taking the Slow Lane Weekend’ – Lower Lemington Saturday

Ploughed Fields

Or Even Better than Folkestone Dog Park, a Murmuration of Fieldfares and Ready for Rain…

We wake to the sound of birds and drink tea with the door open.

Millie sits on the end of the bed and watches a fat pigeon strut by…

I take Millie to the Dog Walk. On the way we see rabbits, the first we’ve seen for months. She runs round like a mad thing, then plays in a ten strong dog gang, seven of whom are spaniels…

We take the Diamond Way to Dorn and follow a small road to Lower Lemington. We see kites, buzzards and great clouds of fieldfares whirling in the cloudy grey skies. Black trees stand starkly against freshly ploughed fields and stands of dead sweetcorn.

We slog our way through muddy fields. Millie, clad in her coat enjoys every moment, flinging her paws out as she charges up and down, a huge grin on her face.

We take a footpath that meets up with the Diamond Way outside Aston Magna and walk back alongside the railway. A weak sun breaks out between the misty rain showers and it is amazingly mild.

Back in camp we batten down and look forward to the rain coming.

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