‘Taking the Slow Lane Weekend’ – Longborough Sunday


Or All Seasons in Ten Minutes, the Best Toasted Cheese Ever and Camping Hacks that Oil the Machine…

When Millie and I go outside at three in the morning it is mild with a half moon and stars appearing and disappearing behind fast moving clouds. Rabbits are everywhere.

We wake after an excellent night’s sleep to cool blue skies and a stiff breeze.

We pick up the Monarch’s Way and head across very muddy fields to Longborough. We experience all seasons, from snow and rainbows to wind, rain and even some warm sunshine.

Millie loves every second, gambolling about in the mud, digging for mice and moles and chasing after sticks.

We walk uphill through the village and then pick up the Heart of England Way towards Sezincote House. We can see for miles, the winter sun lighting up the grey skies.

We turn off at Keeper’s Cottage before picking up the Monarch’s Way again.

We arrive back cold and starving but with a feeling of rather windblown exhilaration. We strip off our muddy gear, close the curtains and turn up the heat. Toasted cheese never tasted so good.

Every time we go away we improve and simplify things and it is these camping hacks that make even January camping simply amazing. By leaving the bed down, not pitching the awning or toilet tent and bringing enough dishes so we don’t have to wash up at all, our weekends are becoming increasingly restful and easy, “Like a well oiled machine”, says Darrell as I stick a ready prepared meal into the remoska and he dumps our walking boots into a waiting blue container under the bed. “This is how to do camping…”.

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