‘Summer Snowdonia’ – Moel Eilio Sunday

Looking Towards Snowdon

Or White Out, Confident Route Finding and Amazing Clouds…

We walk up the main street in Llanberis and head up Ffordd Capel Goch, past the chapel to Pen-y-Bont and into Fron Goch. We head up towards the rounded top of Moel Eilio. We can see Carnafon Castle and the sands of Anglesey.

As we climb the mist comes down and by the time we have reached the top it is a white out. We look out over a view that sweeps from the coast past the Carneddau, Glyderau, Tryfan, over Snowdon and on to the ridges of the south and see absolutely  nothing. It is very warm, humid and still. And utterly silent, not even a sheep.

I wonder if we should head back the way we have come but Darrell is confident in his route finding so we descend the other side following a fence line. We can see nothing but when we peer over the side it is obvious that it is a very, very long way down. We  cross Foel Gron and the mist begins to clear a little. Below us we see Llyn Dwythwch and over on the other side Llyn Cwellyn. After Foel Goch we drop down to the col of Bwlch Maesgwm and follow a track that leads past several abandoned cottages and on towards Llanberis. On the opposite slope we watch the trains labouring up and down to Snowdon.

Darrell wants to bomb the line and restore the peace…

By now the sun has come out and burnt off the last remaining mist. It is so hot that we stop at Llyn Padarn so that Millie can cool off a bit.

It is a beautiful evening and we have a barbecue in the late evening sun under a sky awash with amazing white clouds against a deep blue sky. 

A swarm of flying ants patters about on the awning, their feet sounding like tiny raindrops on the canvas.

We take a walk in the woods and emerge to a  sunset sky alight with fire tinged clouds.

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