‘Summer Snowdonia’ – Llyn Padarn Monday

Off Gridder Art

Or Seriously Relaxing, a Swan Dispute and a Welsh Auschwitz…

It is a seriously relaxing morning. Hot and humid with a constant light rain we lie in the camper with the door open, struggling to keep awake. Millie sighs deeply and gives up the battle…

The morning slips seamlessly into the afternoon and the rain lets up so we decide we had better head out. We walk to the lake where Millie shows us up by having a dispute with two swans. She loses.

We walk through the Slate Museum that could easily double as a Welsh Auschwitz and then on into the oak woods that surround it.

There are patches of brown dying oaks everywhere, young trees that obviously can’t handle the drought conditions. 

We pass the Off Gridders settlement and are greeted by an elderly bearded Off Gridder.  Easily, very easily that could be us, methinks. Millie agrees and disappears through the open gate without a backward glance.

We cross the old bridge and meander along the other side of the lake. We pass a filled quarry on which float red water lilies . A heron perches in the overhanging trees.

A gleam of sun lights the water.

Back in camp Millie curls up on the bed and is sound asleep in seconds.

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