‘Summer Snowdonia’ – Duvet Day Friday


Or a Rest and Renewal Day, Hidden Genes and Driven Back by Rain…

We wake to the comforting sound of gentle rain and are more than happy to snuggle back down into sleep and shockingly it’s eleven before we wake again.

We are all tired today so after a long conversation with Hannah we spend the afternoon reading and dozing. Millie is delighted with our decision and makes the most of it. Her Jack Russell genes are often extremely well hidden.

We venture out along the lake in the evening. Banks of dark cloud swathe the mountains. 

Three cormorants sit on the little yellow boats rocking in the water and small waves lap the shore. 

Rain rolls down the valley and we are driven back to the camper past the small flock of sheep that live by the road and who have now taken shelter under the trees.

We go to sleep early to the comforting sound of gentle rain…

Llyn Padarn

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