‘Riding the Dragon’s Back’ – Buxton Thursday

Buxton Kiln Workings

Or Johnny Cash Is Not the Answer, Astoundingly Normal and Jackdaw Mood Music…

A beautiful morning as we set out for the Peak District. Millie is miserable, groaning and making her feelings very plain.

“Let’s put a Johnny Cash CD on to cheer her up”, Darrell suggests. Millie is not amused at all…

We roll up at Buxton and pitch to the ubiquitous sound of jackdaws who are nesting in the rock faces behind us. After lunch we head through the woods and into the town. We see some strange people, actually some really strange people. In fact they make us feel astoundingly normal in comparison…

Back in the van we treat ourselves to a siesta with background jackdaw mood music.

We walk to Solomon’s Temple on a beautiful clear evening. Millie runs up and down the old kiln depressions, flinging her paws out with joy. Almost everyone on the campsite seems to have a dog and we meet quite a few of them out walking. She has a marvellous time but by the time we get back she is obviously ready for bed as we are not allowed to go round viewing the outfits but have to go straight back to the van – by the shortest route possible.

We drop the roof to keep the avian racket to a minimum.

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