‘Riding the Dragon’s Back’ – Buxton Monday

Solomon's Temple

Or Never Enough Sleep, Ham Bone Heaven and a Beautiful Evening…

The predicted storm doesn’t materialise and instead we wake late to a misty morning silent but for jackdaw noise.

Millie is delighted with the slow start to the morning and lies on her back with her eyes closed, concentrating on extracting the last possible minute of sleep from the day.

Eventually we wend our way into the town, slowly as it is very hot and humid. Darrell feeds the geese with the last of the bread from the Lake District.

Millie is allowed to choose something from the local pet shop. Everything is checked and double checked including those hard to reach shelves that can only be inspected by planting muddy paws on the boxes on the floor. A 100 percent salt free Serrano ham bone as found in France is the prize.

People watching in Buxton doesn’t fail to live up to bizarre expectations.

An unexpectedly fine end to our trip. So good in fact that we pack away totally dry and our evening walk to the Temple is positively glorious, warm and still with wonderful cloud formations.

We eat late watching the jackdaws disappear and the colour drain from the sky.

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