‘Return to the Forest’ – Symonds Yat Saturday


Or not a Canine Alarm Clock, the Sounds of Silence and a Perfect Evening…

It is very windy in the night but with the roof down and the curtains closed it is so cosy that we only listen for a few minutes before sinking back into sleep.

We wake late, very late. “Disgraceful behaviour”, Darrell tells Millie who blinks at him sleepily, “You’re supposed to wake us up”.

Millie looks out and watches a couple of blackbirds and a fluffy ginger cat for a few minutes and then after yawning widely disappears back under the duvet.

After brunch we walk down to the Wye and follow the fast flowing brown river all the way to the village of Symonds Yat where we pick up a footpath that leads steeply uphill to the look out where we admire the view and Millie makes friends with a young girl.

We meander our way back through the forest and arrive back as the sun is setting and the wind is picking up. Millie wolfs down her tea, gives a deep sigh and falls asleep on Darrell’s knee.

We sit together quietly just enjoying the peace, the only sounds being the roar of the wind in the trees, the occasional patter of raindrops on the roof and a couple of blackbirds complaining loudly to each other.

We drop the roof, close the curtains and after celebrating our anniversaries with a Hannah chocolate cake (each slice easily a 1000 calories) quietly contemplate the perfect evening that stretches before us.

Later I walk through the star spangled darkness for a shower. Spotlit by someone’s headlights a small herd of deer graze in the adjacent camping field.

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