‘On the Edge of the Kingdom’ – Monaughty Poeth Friday ​

Knucklas Viaduct

Or ‘Marrying your Daughters’, Texel Heavyweights and a Turkey Standoff (Welcome to Wales!)…

We don’t have a good start, Millie has to have another emergency visit to the vet and by the time we get back the heatwave has officially ended and the rain has started.

Finally we just take a deep breath and head out into the weather to Wales.

We arrive at Monaughty Poeth and go into the farmhouse to meet the very friendly, helpful Joss. She gives us walking maps and a programme for the Knucklas show and suggests that we enter Millie in the dog class. The CL is beautiful, located on the banks of the Teme and in the shadow of Offa’s Dyke.

We take a restorative siesta and lie in bed listening to the wind in the trees and to the sheep in the fields around us. Millie lies on her back with her feet in the air and her eyes tightly closed…

Later we walk along the road to Knucklas, pass the viaduct and climb uphill to the site of the Arthurian Knucklas Castle. The evening is still and cloudless and we can see for miles. We follow farm tracks and fields through country that probably hasn’t changed in a century. Certainly the rusting farm implements scattered liberally around look to be at least that old. We pass through a farm so remote and run down that Darrell reckons that they probably marry their daughters but I’m not convinced they would even bother with a ring. We climb Goytre Hill amid a sea of staring Texels, some of whom are real heavyweight bruisers that look as if they could take on all comers. Even Millie looks impressed but tries not to show it. At the top we look down the length of the Teme Valley. We follow the hill down and through woods to Lloyney and Llanfair Waterdine. As we pass one rather splendid property a large guard turkey spots us and raises the alarm. Millie responds by rumbling at him at which point he shakes out all his feathers, waggles his tail and gobbles loudly at her. A stand off ensues and I have to carry her off still muttering canine curses over my shoulder. The turkey swears back and then struts his stuff in total turkey triumph.

We walk along an empty road that follows the line of the River Teme and arrive back at Monaughty Poeth just as the sun sinks below the hills and the air begins to cool.

Later when we peer out at the clear,starry sky spread out over the night sky it is positively chilly and we are only too glad to creep back inside to the warmth generated by two duvets and one very small, very tired dog.

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