‘On the Edge of the Kingdom’ – Knighton Saturday

Offa's Dyke

Or a Singing Dog, a Lamb’s Head and Badger Sheep…

A beautiful if cool morning so we have our breakfast outside watching the buzzards circle above us. Millie is totally wild this morning,

“We could enter her in ‘The Singing Dog ‘ category”, Darrell says as she yaps at him. Possibly, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘The Most Stubborn Terrier’ class. She’d win that, easily. Millie has other ideas though and her attention is drawn to the three sheepdogs strutting their stuff in the next field. Ah, the delights of Welsh tv…

As we head out towards Skyborry Green we constantly have to extract delectable tidbits that Millie has scavenged from the roadside. Her top find is a lamb’s head that grins rather toothily up at us. Denied her prize she grabs a few small bones and makes off down the road with Darrell in hot pursuit muttering loudly about expensive vet’s bills.

We take a footpath uphill through a rundown farm. We suspect criminal activity of some kind as it has a ridiculously massive new generator amid all the tonnes of rusting farm machinery. We are watched suspiciously by sheep with badger like markings. We reach the top and see Offa’s Dyke stretching before us all the way to Knighton. We cross the railway and have a picnic by the Teme before leaving Shropshire and entering Wales. After a scintillating sojourn in the town we return along a footpath that follows the river below Nether Skyborry and then rejoin the road to Skyborry and Skyborry Green . As we walk we see rain coming down the valley. “Must walk faster”, Darrell says to Millie as she dawdles behind us. She gazes up at him and walks even slower, if that is possible.

It has become very humid and we are amazed to get back without getting wet. As we put the kettle on Millie’s eyes roll up in her head and she is comatose before we have even started on the chocolate. It is heaven to be in the camper, drowsy with warmth, listening to the rain beat down.

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