‘Light a Candle (or 52) in Ilam Weekend’ – Hall Dale Saturday

Hall Dale

Or Sheep Treats, a Plan for the Perfect Afternoon and Duck Feeding for Slow Ducks…

We wake to sunshine. We were expecting torrential rain, lightning bolts and a morning in bed but as we have had no signal for 14 hours, the weather forecast has obviously moved on somewhat.

We decide to let Len the site warden and his chairs act as our barometer. At the moment it’s three chair weather so we revise our plans and after carb loading with a cooked-breakfast-in-a-tortilla we head out.

We retrace last night’s steps to Dovedale. On the way we stop to look at the sheep who are all heading down their field with a definite goal in mind. As one they stop at the fence and peer out at an empty ice cream van with longing in their eyes. We don’t pretend to understand.

We follow the limestone gorge past the Twelve Apostles and the Tissington Spires.

At Ilam Rock we cross the bridge and bear left through Hurt’s Wood and into Hall Dale. We walk to the head of the Dale and then take a footpath to Damgate and then Castern Hall and Rushley. Sheep stare at us as we pass.

We cross fields and emerge at the sheep field bordering the campsite in time for a late lunch.

Back in Monty we take off our boots and a have a picnic of sourdough toasties with cheese, ham and tomatoes.

Before I can open my mouth to discuss plans for the afternoon Darrell shakes his head firmly and says, “The answer is no, no and no”.

Sounds like a zizz it is then.

The decision is obviously the right one because even before the snoring has started large raindrops begin to patter on the roof.

It is another beautiful evening and we walk over the bridge and alongside the river so Darrell can feed ducks. He can only find one and she makes him wait as she prefers to swim and walk upstream rather than fly. I’m not sure if it is a case of slow duck feeding or feeding a slow duck…

The Forecast
Thorpe Cloud
Stile to Hall Dale
Hall Dale Wall
Walls & Thistles
Cow Parsley
Black Legged Sheep
Sheep Talking
Sheep Posing
Sheep Curious
Cloudy Sky
Sheep Field
Bucolic Scene
Walls & Clouds
Big Sky
Ilam Cross
Ilam Cross
Ilam Church
Ilam Bridge
Late Lunch

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