‘Autumn Alderton Weekend’ – Dumbleton Wood Sunday


Or Avoiding the Rain, Putting up Pheasants and Evil Thoughts about Ducks…

We lie in bed drinking tea and watching the hills appear and disappear in the thick dark cloud.

It is very peaceful, just the rustle of leaves and the disgruntled quacking of ducks. Of Millie there has been no sign at all.

It is late when we start out across the fields to Alderton. We can’t see the Malverns today as they are hidden behind a bank of rain clouds which roll round the hills but somehow manage to totally miss us.

We enter the Dumbleton Estate and climb into the woods. Pheasants abound and Millie goes bounding through a field of dry stalks sending birds whirring noisily into the air.

The wind has dropped and although we see no sun it is not cold and the walking satisfaction is immense as we didn’t think we would get out at all today.

In camp Millie is back watching the ducks with evil intent writ large. “Peace and love”, Darrell tells her. It is obvious that the message does not get through. As I’m sure that even ‘Happy Chappie’s’ smile might slip a bit if we present him with a slaughtered bird, I shut the door on temptation…

Later full of chicken noodle soup the tireless hunter now clad in her infamous pink polka dot pants lies snoring loudly and contentedly on the duvet, all plans for harming wildfowl totally forgotten.

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