‘Autumn Alderton Weekend’ – Alderton Friday


Or SAD, Cheerful in Shorts and the Healing Power of Rabbits…

Darrell picks me up from the hospital and we head through the already gathering darkness to Alderton, near Winchcombe.

It seems months since we have done a weekend where we have had to drive on a Friday evening. Despite being on an early and it being half term the traffic is very heavy and we are just mightily relieved that we haven’t got very far to go. Millie lies in my arms staring out of the window, sighing heavily and repeatedly. She is just coming into season and has already sunk into a deep depression. SAD as in Season Acquired Depression.

We can only hope that when she eventually does have puppies we don’t have canine post natal blues to cope with…

When we arrive we are greeted by an excessively cheerful chappie in shorts. I tell him that he has a twin brother in Devizes. He laughs , gives me a bear hug and tells me that he and his wife worked there last year. He then adds that he always wears shorts and that being anything less than totally cheerful is a waste of being alive. Perhaps he could talk to Millie about that.

He walks us down to one of the best pitches on the site and tells us we should park side on to the lake so we can wake to the best view. Millie has become wildly excited by the darkness and seems to have totally forgotten all about being two steps away from throwing herself off the nearest bridge.

She sniffs her way extremely slowly and interestedly round the lake.

Rabbits hop in and out of view and she acts as if this is quite possibly the most exciting place she has ever been to. It is very cold and very starry.

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