‘A Birthday in a Plum Orchard’ – Swimming Sunday


Or a Clockwork Swimmer, a Squashed Frog Souvenir and Dinner under the Stars…

We are woken at dawn by a cacophony of sound, mainly pigeon but also geese and other assorted feathered noise makers. Nothing tuneful though, no singing at all. Darrell swears loudly at the pigeons and threatens death and dismemberment . They continue the racket, totally unconcerned…

We are woken by the heat and the sound of pigeon wings. They fly round the camper driving Millie to distraction. She would make ‘pigeon death eyes’ at them if only she could see them.

We have to eat breakfast in the deep shade behind the camper as it is so hot already.

We head to the beach and go swimming in water as warm as a bath, in fact easily the warmest sea we have ever swum in in Britain. In fact for the first time ever Darrell dons a wetsuit and I don’t and he is definitely overdressed.

Millie plays with a myriad of canine companions, digs holes and snuffles at every footstep in the sand, oh and she swims, but not by choice. We take her out with us and with paws going like a clockwork toy and a very determined look on her face she then heads back to shore as fast as she can.

We take an evening walk towards the church at Burnham Thorpe and then through fields to Burnham Overy. We follow the sunken lane behind the church and end up walking down the main street of Burnham Overy Staithe. 

Millie is full of Jack Russell joy and grins constantly and appreciatively. 

We see hares and a muntjac but Millie, the most oblivious dog in the world doesn’t. She does however spot the rabbit that runs out right in front of her and her excitement knows no bounds… 

Well until she finds a squashed, mummified frog to carry home as a souvenir of course…

We eat Persian Chicken outside under the stars. The swallows have been replaced by low swooping bats.

Millie sleeps in her basket under the table, totally exhausted by the day.

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