‘A Birthday in a Plum Orchard’ – Birthday Monday


Or Blue Sky, Blue Sea and Blue Sails…

We wake to heat and by ten even with the curtains closed and all the windows and doors open it is 32 degrees in the van. We scale back our plans for the day and start out slowly with breakfast in the shade. Pigeons prance about in the the trees above us, cooing loudly…

We take the hot, dusty road to the beach with Millie cavorting ahead of us.  The tide is coming in and we don’t have far to walk to the water’s edge. Darrell sans wetsuit minces about like a girlie complaining about the cold but in fact it is refreshingly cool. Millie is not to be persuaded and sits guarding our stuff.

We walk along the shell strewn strand to where the River Burn flows into the sea. Blue sailed yachts speed by. Millie not impressed by the boats finds plenty of desiccated crabs which she crunches down as fast as she can. She listens to Darrell telling her off with her tail up, her eyes shining and without an ounce of remorse.

We slog back along the baking hot dyke. 

Once back in the  shade of the campsite though the afternoon just drifts gently away…

Another perfect evening and we walk through the sunburnt fields. There are not so many hares tonight but Millie is delighted to finally see and then chase one. She charges after him across the stubble with great enthusiasm but finally gives up about half way across as he disappears into the wild blue yonder.

We watch the proud hunter trot back, tongue lolling, eyes like pinwheels and obviously convinced that the hapless hare was only seconds away from being torn limb from limb. 

In reality she was nowhere near and I don’t think the hare has stopped laughing yet.

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